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Adult Day Care

Visit King David Adult Day Care today! We will gladly help see if you qualify and help you

enter the special Medicaid - covered Program

Perhaps it would not be a great revelation for most of you, if we boldly claimed, without missing a beat in stride, that the life of a retiree in America, when compared to most other countries, is almost like a charming fairytale, which someh6ow magically fulfills any desire. You probably know all this without our help. But lets try to think, for a moment, about who actually works this fairytale wand, who fills it with magic, and makes it capable of performing such miracle. The State? Sure, to a degree, government programs in the United States have been brought to near perfection. Social Security and insurance programs? This is true. Charities and philanthropists? Also true – billions of dollars are annually transferred by philanthropists to maintain a decent standard of living for the elderly. And this list can continue on and on. But our mission here at King David Community Center is different; we are the last, but perhaps most important link in this long chain of public and private philanthropy. This is because we work directly with retirees, and put in to practice the finances of government programs, insurance programs, and philanthropists alike. 
After all, an elderly person doesnt just care about finances, but usually wants truly important things like help, care, or simply a few kind words. One does not need to go far or look hard for examples of this. Often even simple things like preparing meals, visiting the doctor, or going to buy medicine can turn in to difficult problems for an elderly person. And it is in cases like this that the magic wand needs to be put to use – wielded by our very modest, very decent staff at King David Community Center, by kind and caring people who have devoted their lives to caring for those who need them. 
Acting in the greater Atlanta area, King David Community Center is grateful to function as the most well-known and important of the city's organizations assisting the elderly. We have in our future a most interesting and most touching journey for the Community Center and all of its devoted employees, working to help people of all ages, degrees of wealth, and social status. And to start, it is noteworthy to say that neither money nor planned social programs would have any real effect if it were not for King David Community Center and similar organizations. 
HDM Department Administrative Assistant
The grand collection of services and activities offered by King David Community Center is inspiring, evoking not even a feeling of simple delight, but genuine amazement and wonder: “Is all this really possible? And in one organization? Improved health? Improved mood? New skills? New friends?” To answer all at once: YES! The center offers what many have dreamed of their whole lives – the combination of a wide variety of services, entertainment, healthcare, and good nutrition, all in one place.
But, unfortunately, according to various laws and regulations in effect in the state of Georgia, there are certain categories of people who do not qualify for the free and subsidized programs offered by the Community Center. But, fortunately, there is a way out of this situation. If you, for one reason or another, cannot rely on government funding for your needs and concerns – then for just $35 a day, the Center offers to surround you with the same quality of care, and services, as those whose expenses are taken on by the State. $35-per-day.
Just $35 for an amazing range of services and entertainment that you could not find anywhere else, and would pay much more for if you did.
Interested? Just call: (770)931-8591 and our staff will gladly answer all of your questions, discuss specifics, and provide you with all necessary details. 
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Khano Aranbayeva - Manager E-mail: (770) 931-8591